Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Truth Rally * 2-20-2010 * The one Year Anniversary

The Truth Rally was hosted by "The Wild Horse Preservation League" on February 20th, 2010, in front of the Carson City Legislative building. The rally drew about 150 advocates, and two news crews, channels four and two.

Several drawings from local children were on display, along with informative brochures. Seasoned advocates were available to discuss wild horse & burro issues with the public.

It was a chilly day, but our hearts were warmed by the show of caring people, and the many honks for the horses from the stream of traffic on Carson St./395.

Even dogs carried signs pleading the case for the wild ones!

The tragedies occuring during the Calico Mountains Wild Horse roundups, mounting deaths and injuries, prompted us to rally to end the roundups and seek protection for the remaining herds on our public lands in the West, and elsewhere in the USA. This is a slide show of images I captured on that day. I made about twenty five of the signs. Death is not an option, neither are broken horses.

February 2011, is the one year anniversary of this rally, and marks one of the months of the Calico roundups also. Please see Elyse Gardner's blog for more history. Elyse Gardner/The Humane Observer. Also check Terri Farley's blog, & The Cloud

There will be a huge rally for the wild horses and burros in Phoenix, Arizona, on March 11th, 2011, in front of the BLM's RAC meeting which is to be held on the 10th & 11th. Please try to make it. Share this news with all your friends! This may be our last stand to show that we want to save our wild ones from extinction!

Bureau of Land Management, Resource Advisory Committee ~ meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, a day with Paiute Foals.

On Friday, February 4th, 2011, I got to work with Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, processing adopted foals from a large group of 60 to 90 young horses, that Jill Starr had been given by the Paiute tribe in Nevada. The Paiute tribe was culling their wild horse herds, and sending many to auction! Kill buyers show up at these auctions, hoping to get a load to take to the slaughter houses in canada or Mexico! Jill Starr, owner of Lifesavers, negotiated with the tribe for these young ones. Thank God they gave them to her!

Terri farley, Dorothy Nylen and myself, rode out to Fallon and volunteered on Friday to help out in the process of tagging them for destinations in Florida and Missouri. Green & yellow grease marker numbered on their rumps, and spray paint on base of tails, designated for Missouri or Florida. Rod also adhered numbered tags on their rumps. She had about 3 guys and a few other woman to help out. The manager of this safe corral facility, John Holmes, was helping out also. Lifesavers had their own photographer, Suzie, a joy to meet. You can probably find some of her images on the Lifesavers fb page, & on Rachael Waller's also.

Rod Rondeaux & Terri Farley, coaxing them into the proper gates after tagging in the chute.

This was a very rewarding experience that I would be honored to volunteer for again. Heartwarming to know they did not wind up on someone's dinner plate somewhere! Lovin' the wild horses!!

A huge thank you to Jill Starr, and all the wild horse angels for helping these babies be safe from kill buyers!

The shot above, is of Terri Farley manning the gates, as this frisky confused baby, tries to go behind, instead of through.
Terri rocks her cowgirl socks, and shows the foal the way! Be sure to checkout Terri Farley's blog. ( Google her name to find it. For some reason I can't get links in on this blog.) We had a great time, such a rewarding day. As of now, 2/28/11, I know that the ones bound for Missouri made it just fine.

Rod, Cat, Jill & Suzie @ the work table. This photo is by Dorothy Nylen, all others by Cat Kindsfather ~ copyright images.