Monday, November 22, 2010

Simone Netherlands, Craig Downer and Cat Kindsfather, playing with our shadows on an old mine wall, out in the Pine Nut Mountain Range. We had been trying to observe the Buckskins roundup of wild horses. Think we got the run around. Pretty sure two days of observation were not had. BLM postponed on Friday, when many went out in the early and cold hours to observe the roundup. They stated they would not gather on Saturday or Sunday due to storm conditions. They did however, do just that.

We went on Saturday afternoon, to see the 22 horses they gathered earlier in the day. Afterward, we ventured out on some dirt roads in the vast desert wilderness, and found this old mine, which Simone wanted to photograph. We wound up playing with our shadows!

Pictograph of Wild Horse Advocates

This photo image is from the trap site @ Buckskins/ Pine Nut herds that are off the HMA. The first day we went to observe, but it was called off by the pilot contractor/Sun-Jay, due to windy conditions. They went ahead the following morning in the midst of a snow storm, and also on the third day, without advocate observation I am sure, as they had reported they would be inactive for the entire weekend!
We were very concerned about the set up at this trap site, as there were many large rocks and also a steep incline running down into a gully and then up again into the trap. It appears to have some barbwire there also. They claimed there were no injuries, but we were not allowed to get close to see them in the temporary holding, nor were we allowed any sight of the foals whatsoever!They were located on the other side of the corrals.

I really believe they wanted to do this roundup wth no observers, and it appears they got their way! Tricked again.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Videos - Did the Descendant of Secretariat Almost End Up on Someone's Dinner Plate? INSIDE EDITION Investigates -

Videos - Did the Descendant of Secretariat Almost End Up on Someone's Dinner Plate? INSIDE EDITION Investigates -

Rihard Kudo Cuoto of ARM, Animal Recovery Mission, reporting for "Inside Edition", regarding the dirty secret of the industry of horse racing. Many thoroughbreds are going to slaughter, after they can race no more! He rescued a horse that turned out to be a direct descendant of the greatest racehorse of all time, "Secretariat"

Kudo is amazing, and clearly an earth angel for equines! He flew into Nevada several times, to document and help in combined efforts with Respect 4 Horses, Simone Netherlands, to save the Walker Lake herd. Carla Bowers, volunteer with Respect 4 Horses, along with Kudo, presented a proposal to the BLM in late October, during a meeting at the BLm field office in Carson City, Nevada. The final outcome was decided by BLM and the military, that the wild horses can stay, all 104 of them! They are currently on the Army Depot, military land by Walker Lake, Nevada. Kudo is from the Miami area. We can never thank him enough for his work in Nevada in keeping our mustangs on the range at Walker Lake, free from roundups and possible long term holding, and in Florida for the horses that would have been slaughtered!

Blessings and respectful honors to you Kudo!!! Be safe! YOU ROCK!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wild Angels, 2 & 4 legged

Portrait of KUDO, reflecting over images of Walker Lake Mustangs. November 2nd, the news was announced!
WALKER LAKE MUSTANGS WILL STAY HOME!! BLM has called off the roundup and will work with advocates and the military, on proposed agenda to keep them safe, wild and free.

Wild Angels ~ 2 & 4 legged.

Kudo invested a lot of time in a campaign to save the Walker Lake Herds. Success! These mustangs will be staying home near Walker Lake,on the Army Depot, military land. Huge thanks and congrats to Kudo, Simone Netherlands, Carla Bowers and all the advocates that contributed to this effort. WOO HOO!!!!!!