Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mr. President Obama, please, no more funding for roundups!

These are Twin Peaks, California, wild horses being chased at full speed by a BLM contracted helicopter. They will loose their freedom forever in only minutes from the time of this shot. Their crime is none, their sentence is the torture of ~ loss of freedom on the range, on our tax funded public lands, loss of family and life as God planned it for them. The mares if pregnant, will give birth in the overcrowded corrals, boxes that are always full of manure, the piles of waste become pillows for their babies. Stallions will be gelded, loosing their ability to pass on their genes to new life. They will never see their mares or foals again. Mares will have their foals stripped from them, when they are 4 to 5 months old. All should be given 3 chances at adoption, except for those ten years and older, that can be sold immediately without restrictions! After 3 strikes at adoption, it is my understanding these horses are put in long term holding or sold without restrictions, regardless of age, health, rarity or beauty! Many will loose their lives in all of this processing. Disease, broken necks and backs, surgeries and other causes bring death & injury.

For most of us, this is all old news, redundant information. We must educate the masses that are not part of our well informed and hard working advocacy! We stand powerful in numbers. Use whatever means necessary to educate the masses. Our wild horses and burros stand on the brink of extinction. The BLM just got another 1.1 billion in funding to continue roundups, while our country is on the brink of collapse, Trillions in debt!!!

Hello!!! WILD IS FREE.

Nevada's Calico Mountain mares and foals in BLM's leased facility "Broken Arrow', aka, Indian Lakes Facility. Image taken in 2010.

Keep our wild horses running FREE!

The vision of this herd running free, is sweet soul food. Congress had it right in 1971, they do enrich the American spirit, and the protections granted then, should be upheld now in the purest form.

No more roundups! Manage our wild horses in the wild. Promote wild horse tours. Protect our remaining herds in the wild.
De-fund the BLM roundups!