Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Owyhee Mares and foals.

Just wanted to share some images of the Owyhee mares and foals we observed after they were rounded up by the BLM.
These are the first images taken of these horses!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuscarora mustangs, blocked from water by mazes of fencing! New report from horsetalk.


This wild horse image is one of my photographs, and they are Nevada mustangs, but not from the Tuscarora HMA.

All of my images are protected by digital fingerprint copyrights. No use without explicit written permissions from me, please.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hello!!! Please enjoy this slide show of Calico Horse images. These are all my photos except for the one of me kissing a favorite
filly. That one is by Val Dutter, of Carson City, Nevada. Use requires permissions. Please just enjoy and share it here on my blog.
This video was arranged by fantartsy/ jj, on flickr.com. She loves wild horses also, and asked to help bring awareness to them, by making a nice slider with my images. I like her arrangement and love her choice of music for this too! Thanks



Leigh verses Salazar..... Laura Leigh and Elyse Gardner seen in front of Federal Court House, after the hearing.
Eylse is a retired court reporter, and back at it on this day. I sat next to her as she recorded testimony with rapid expertise on her lap top. Laura and Elyse make quite a team working for America's mustangs and burros. A force to reckon with I tell you!
Judge Hicks granted Leigh observation, honoring the first amendment rights.

Unfortunately, Judge Hicks did not grant the TRO that Leigh fought for. The roundups are to continue as planned. The judge bought the BLM's story, that these horses will suffer up to a 70 per cent mortality rate within one week, if not removed from the range! BLM stated they delivered water out on the range for the horses, but that they would not drink it, preferring to stay close to their water hole that was drying up.

All we know, is that there were no dead horses until the BLM upset their wild nature, and ran then feverishly in over 90 degree temperatures with a loud and menacing helicopter, terrifying and exhausting them, relentlessly chasing them for miles. Brain swelling and other ailments afflicted these horses after being at the trap site and suffering from water intoxication. Seven died on the first day of operations! I believe the death tool is now at 12.
See the BLM weekly updates site.
Leigh verses Salazar.......

I am dropping the link for an Examiner story by Maureen Harmonay for now. She is such a great writer/reporter.
Since I was in the court room yesterday, I will be back to post my own words on this event and some images too.
Just too tired to deal with it right now!


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BLM suspends the Tuscarora gather, after 7 mustangs die!!

Soaring high desert temperatures, dehydrate mustangs chased for miles by two helicopters to a trap where seven died. One was euthanized after its leg became fractured in the catch pen. Horses were diagnosed with dehydration, brain swelling and colic!! Advocates predicted injuries, death and health problems, due to the terrain and high temperatures. BLM also broke its own protocal, by beginning this gather ahead of the proper time frame stated in their own books, which is in a specific time frame after foaling season.

Read BLM's link here.... http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jMTnDwrTwTRtYPwVG3GCYwf_Yu-QD9GTQLDG2
Over $30,000 was put up by Ellie Phipps Price, of Sonoma County, California, along with some help from Madeleine Pickens, to save 172 horses from sales to slaughter on July 10th! The BLM gathered these horses, calling them feral, non mustang, from Pilot Valley, Nevada. The BLM claimed these were not federally protected mustangs, but feral, as they were found in an area where there is a lot of private land owners. The BLM then turned the horses over to the Nevada Department of Agriculture. They put them up for sale at the auction in Fallon, Nevada, where they would be sold to the highest bidder. Kill buyers come hoping to get these horses to sell to slaughter in Mexico or Canada!

Advocates are not convinced that these horses are not indeed mustangs! If even one of them is mustang, the BLM is in federal violation! Click this link to read the full details of this wonderful rescue. Jill Starr, of Lifesavers mustang rescues, got this ball rolling for the horses and 172 of the 174, went to her rescue! Two were privately adopted and the kill buyer left with an empty trailer!!! YES!!! Many thanks to these equine angels, especially Jill and Ellie and also madeleine.
Please read this link and also see some photographs of these horses.

Friday, July 9, 2010


The BLM is restricting observation by the public, including air space! Roads on public lands will be closed around the roundup area, and private lands will also be used for this operation.
I believe later on, the BLM will have a public day for observation. This is not how we can truly observe and document, as it will be a horse and pony show, so to speak! They will be sure to run it all clean and nice for the public. We want to have unannounced observation. Is this not the way it should be?

BLM adoptions of some of the Calico horses, will begin July 14th. And today, a new roundup is set to begin. The Tuscarora roundup, of three HMA's, the Owyhee, Rock Creek and Little Humboldt. Hundreds of horses will be stampeded over sharp volcanic rock for up to twenty miles in Nevada's summer heat. Mares in foal and with foals, some only days old, will have a very hard time. My heart is in fear and worry for them, remembering the horrors of the Calico roundup. Today marks the first day of this new roundup, and the continuing genocide of America's Mustangs. Many hearts are breaking this morning, equines and equine angels.