Saturday, July 17, 2010


Leigh verses Salazar..... Laura Leigh and Elyse Gardner seen in front of Federal Court House, after the hearing.
Eylse is a retired court reporter, and back at it on this day. I sat next to her as she recorded testimony with rapid expertise on her lap top. Laura and Elyse make quite a team working for America's mustangs and burros. A force to reckon with I tell you!
Judge Hicks granted Leigh observation, honoring the first amendment rights.

Unfortunately, Judge Hicks did not grant the TRO that Leigh fought for. The roundups are to continue as planned. The judge bought the BLM's story, that these horses will suffer up to a 70 per cent mortality rate within one week, if not removed from the range! BLM stated they delivered water out on the range for the horses, but that they would not drink it, preferring to stay close to their water hole that was drying up.

All we know, is that there were no dead horses until the BLM upset their wild nature, and ran then feverishly in over 90 degree temperatures with a loud and menacing helicopter, terrifying and exhausting them, relentlessly chasing them for miles. Brain swelling and other ailments afflicted these horses after being at the trap site and suffering from water intoxication. Seven died on the first day of operations! I believe the death tool is now at 12.
See the BLM weekly updates site.

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