Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuscarora mustangs, blocked from water by mazes of fencing! New report from horsetalk.


This wild horse image is one of my photographs, and they are Nevada mustangs, but not from the Tuscarora HMA.

All of my images are protected by digital fingerprint copyrights. No use without explicit written permissions from me, please.

So sorry, I have no idea why links are not coming up BLUE!!!!
This is a new blog for me, in the embryonic stage.
Please be patient with me! Trying to figure out why and fix.


  1. Nice blog, Cat! Thank you for staying abreast of things. Your images are lovely, as always. You are an artist, my friend.

  2. Thanks so much Elyse! I graciously accept your compliment with mutual respect for your work.