Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Over $30,000 was put up by Ellie Phipps Price, of Sonoma County, California, along with some help from Madeleine Pickens, to save 172 horses from sales to slaughter on July 10th! The BLM gathered these horses, calling them feral, non mustang, from Pilot Valley, Nevada. The BLM claimed these were not federally protected mustangs, but feral, as they were found in an area where there is a lot of private land owners. The BLM then turned the horses over to the Nevada Department of Agriculture. They put them up for sale at the auction in Fallon, Nevada, where they would be sold to the highest bidder. Kill buyers come hoping to get these horses to sell to slaughter in Mexico or Canada!

Advocates are not convinced that these horses are not indeed mustangs! If even one of them is mustang, the BLM is in federal violation! Click this link to read the full details of this wonderful rescue. Jill Starr, of Lifesavers mustang rescues, got this ball rolling for the horses and 172 of the 174, went to her rescue! Two were privately adopted and the kill buyer left with an empty trailer!!! YES!!! Many thanks to these equine angels, especially Jill and Ellie and also madeleine.
Please read this link and also see some photographs of these horses.

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