Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wild Angels, 2 & 4 legged

Portrait of KUDO, reflecting over images of Walker Lake Mustangs. November 2nd, the news was announced!
WALKER LAKE MUSTANGS WILL STAY HOME!! BLM has called off the roundup and will work with advocates and the military, on proposed agenda to keep them safe, wild and free.

Wild Angels ~ 2 & 4 legged.

Kudo invested a lot of time in a campaign to save the Walker Lake Herds. Success! These mustangs will be staying home near Walker Lake,on the Army Depot, military land. Huge thanks and congrats to Kudo, Simone Netherlands, Carla Bowers and all the advocates that contributed to this effort. WOO HOO!!!!!!


  1. This is AWESOME news, and I am still stunned by this miracle.

    KUDO, you are the BOMB!

  2. Again, I commend Kudo for his hard work on campaigning to save the Walker Lake herds! Thank you also to Simone Netherlands, Carla Bowers and everyone who helped contribute to this effort which obviously paid off perfectly! I am so elated to hear this news and Cat, thank you for covering the issues of the horses with your non-stop energy and dedication as well! God bless and know these animals would thank you if they could talk!!

  3. I am so thankful to hear this wonderful news and thank you to Kudo for all his efforts in saving these majestic animals!! Hats off to all the other advocates as well and thank you so much, Cat, for bringing this issue to light and your dedication for this cause!! I salute you all!!!

  4. Simone , you are the Bombela!

    Thanks for all your hard work Simone, for the Walker Lake horses and ALL the equines you speak for. Big love and respect for you!

  5. Simone and Kudo worked on this together.

  6. How did I forget to mention that Palomino Armstrong is peeking over the shotgun seat, video taping!