Monday, November 22, 2010


This photo image is from the trap site @ Buckskins/ Pine Nut herds that are off the HMA. The first day we went to observe, but it was called off by the pilot contractor/Sun-Jay, due to windy conditions. They went ahead the following morning in the midst of a snow storm, and also on the third day, without advocate observation I am sure, as they had reported they would be inactive for the entire weekend!
We were very concerned about the set up at this trap site, as there were many large rocks and also a steep incline running down into a gully and then up again into the trap. It appears to have some barbwire there also. They claimed there were no injuries, but we were not allowed to get close to see them in the temporary holding, nor were we allowed any sight of the foals whatsoever!They were located on the other side of the corrals.

I really believe they wanted to do this roundup wth no observers, and it appears they got their way! Tricked again.
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