Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Calico Roundups~ Again.

November 19th, 2011, marked the opening day of BLM's Calico roundups, again.

In 2010, 1,922 wild horses were taken from Calico Mountain HMA area, in one of the most controversial & deadliest roundups in history. Now the BLM is back, to take many more from this
half million acre HMA, in the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada, the annual site of the Burning Man Festival.

Calico is now being called one of the "Treasured Landscapes" by the U.S. Government. ON November 19, 2011, in temperatures way below freezing, several bands were run in, chased for miles by the contractor's chopper. A light snow fell early that morning, making such a beautiful scene that was ruined by the sight of weary wild horses arriving at the trap site, menacing metal bird above them, whipping bitter winds on their backs, as the pure blanket of snow melted into strange forms.

This is my image of overheated Calico Complex wild horses in the trap site. They have just lost their freedom, following the judas horse into the trap in their last moments as a wild horses.

Keep calling, sending faxes, signing petitions, lobbying in D.C. , voicing for our wild horses & burros. Lets be sure they continue to live wild and free, as they should. Its up to us to make the history righteous. Save our wild herds, protect them as Congress intended in1971.

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