Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Famous Barbi Twins Fight for America's Horses!



Thank you Shane & Sia for your universal animal advocating & especially now for all of America's horses, wild & domestic. Your voices are so appreciated!

Apologies to all. You must copy & paste the link to your browser.
When you do you will be able to read the entire report & see the stunning photo of the Barbi Twins.
Its takes work to stay in such great shape! Impressive, please share your secrets..... ; )

Excerpt from the ~ Barbi Twins.....

"Horses are as symbolic as the country they built, America. It is a shame we don’t give them the respect they have earned. For centuries, horses shed their blood to give their service to us. It says a lot when a country has better laws for its flag (that doesn’t have a spine or feel pain), then it does for the horses. Horse slaughter and the wild-horse round ups have been the buzz in the media recently."

Read more: http://globalgrind.com/node/825700#ixzz1lpWSqSbf

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