Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rocky ~ abandoned foal rescued.

Palomino & Matt on their way home with Rocky in the trailer. Palomino will care for him in her rescue until he is old enough to be adopted out to a loving home. Sure that Matt will be helping too!

Rocky in the trailer, heading to Shingletown, California, with Palomino & Matt to their Chili Pepper Miracle Mustang Rescue.

"ROCKY" & Shirley Allen at her foal rescue in Nevada.

Rocky was found alone on the range, only days old. His band could not be located so he was brought into a local rescue in Nevada with Shirley Allen. Palomino, Shirley & Matt monitored the foal constantly for about 3 or 4 days, before he was allowed to travel to Shingletown, to Palomino's foal rescue.

Tax deductible paypal donations of $5.00 & up, can be made for his care & for other foal rescues to come @ Palominodancer@yahoo.com.

Thank you in advance for supporting rescue foals!

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