Saturday, October 9, 2010

SILVER KING ROUNDUP: Braveheart suffers mortal injury defending his family

This is so heartbreaking. This stallion was trying to protect his mare and foal from strangers! The insensitivity of the wrangler, tying his horse close to the newly captured and frightened horses, is shocking and unacceptable! This is bordering on ignorance, but more likely, it is the lack of caring, and common sense. This man needs to find a new job, that does not involve working with wild horses! That poor stallion, and now his family too, have been tortured to such an extent, to first endure all the fear of the helicopter chase, and then sudden death of the head of the family, their beloved stallion. BLM is the agency appointed to be the stewards of our mustangs and burros. Is this care? NO, this is sick, and the shame of America! Look at the BLM website gather , and facility reports, and time after time, you will find horses euthanized because of broken necks!!! ROUNDUPS MUST END!

I also learned that they loaded the terrified mare into a long trailer, and then put her dead "Braveheart" sorrel stallion, in the same trailer, literally at her feet, with a tarp over him. How sick is that! The foal was also separated from the mare. The family ripped apart. Death is not an option. We need humane people working with our horses, always!

Video Documentation from.....Suzanne Roy, American WIld Horse Preservation Campaign

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